"Arte Six": Quick Hits: MUSIC: San Francisco: "Other Minds Festival 10"

Redefining music – “Other Minds” is San Francisco's most eclectic, edgy new music festival. Innovative composers and performers take you to the brilliant (lunatic) fringes of contemporary music.

Aquarians must attend immediately; you will be among friends.

This year, “Other Minds 10” gathers participants from Canada, Armenia, Germany, China, Japan, Poland, Italy, South Korea, and the U.S., for three days of extraordinary, odd, often brilliant and flat-out wild music events.

What’s on this year: Armenian folk strains, driving jazz inspired by Jimi Hendrix, concerto for wind band and quarter-tone flute from the European new wave, multimedia opera with classical Indian vocals mixed live in soft chorus, cello electronica and surround-sound "acousmatics".

At Yerba Buena:
Amelia Cuni performs the U.S. premiere of her multimedia phenomenon “Ashtayama-Song of Hours”, a stunning combination of Cuni's dhrupad singing, Werner Durand's live electronic mixing, and Uli Sigg's video/light project.

Composer/sound designer Mark Grey and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud present “Sands of Time” for cello, with live electronic processing.

Dreamy “acousmatic” soundscapes from Francis Dhomont.

Avant-garde accordionist Stefan Hussong performs Dream, with dance accompaniment by stilt choreographer Pamela Wunderlich.

At Audium:
Composer Stanley Shaff weaves sonic sensations into a total sensory experience at “Audium”, his "Theatre of Sound-Sculpted Space" at 1616 Bush St. (@ Franklin).
The show takes place in total darkness. Bring a flashlight.
Show starts 4p.m. Get info: (415) 771-1616.

Find it: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater: 700 Howard St. @ 3rd
Get info: (415)934.8134, (415) 978-ARTS
Buy a flashlight: Try Amazon.com

PS: We’re only joking about the flashlight. If you bring one anyway and
get thrown out, it’s not on us.

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