DANCE: Cali: "Digging in the Dark"
June 18, 19, 25, 26, 8pm

Springing from geological concepts and the geophysical technology, “Digging in the Dark” explores the nature of stability, vulnerability, change, memory and the human need to make the invisible visible.

The journey that begins on the Earth’s crust moves through the mantle, outer core and arrives at the inner core.

Obsessed with the mechanics of the human body as well as machines that propel the body through space, Capacitor artists have become masters of rigging systems and large-scale props designed to stretch the limits of physical poetry.

Find it: Alice Arts Theater
1428 Alice Street (near corner of 14th St./Alice Street, downtown)
Oakland, California
Get info: (415) 345-7575

[Photo credit: Edgar Lee]

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