Rushes Soho Shorts Festival
July 31-August 6th

Skirting a thinnish line between indie cool and marketing ho-ha, Rushes Soho Shorts (tagline: we want your shorts) hits London cafes this month, with continuous screenings of short films in venues all over Soho.

On the plus side, it's free, and you can go walk-about in Soho to catch new work by emerging directors, in several categories: animation, drama, comedy, and arthouse music video. Old Compton Street/Shaftesbury Avenue area is fest central.

The festival wraps with a party at "Sound" in Leicester Square.

Shortlisted films in competition:

"JoJo in the Stars"
In a world without color -- a story of love, self-sacrifice and jealously set against a nightmarish and hauntingly beautiful world in black and white.

"Little Things"
Sketches of a dysfunctional world in which everybody has their favorite foibles. And neurotic habits. When a cataclysmic event shakes things up, do we adapt, or are we just too set in our ways to give a damn?

"The Brick"
Black comedy about a lazy demon who’s become delusional, thinking he'll be able to take over the world with a magic brick.

"After Dolly"
Reflections on the future of cloning.

"Ten Minute Movie"
All Sam wants is a shot at fame. But sometimes fame shoots back. Sam's got just ten minutes to get the girl and stop the plot from spiraling out of control.

A boy goes through hell when he witnesses something terrible but fails to act to stop it.

"Terrible Kisses"
A woman's gift to her lover - lipstick kisses all over his body - turns into an indelible nightmare when the kisses won't wash off.

Find it: Too many venues to list. Heres a venue/screening info/metro map.
Get info: 020-7935-3337, 020-7734-2255

[Shown: "JoJo in the Stars"]

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