"Silence Isn't So"
Nov. 13, 2pm

How would you feel if your language didn't officially exist?

After 500 years of struggle, Mexico has recognized its 60 indigenous languages, many of which do not have a written form.

In this "concert for barely official languages and seduced electromagnetic waves," composer and ethno-musicologist Tareke Ortiz records and mixes ancient languages with electronic and digital sounds of today to celebrate their power and permanence in contemporary culture.

Bring a cell phone, portable radio or videogame and add to the mix of video documentaries, Afro-Mexican rhythms, and a live 20-person chorus.

Find it: The Kitchen (btwn 10th/11th Aves.)
512 West 19th Street
Get there: A/C/E/L to 14th St./8th
Get info: (212) 255-5793

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