Tricky Women
Mar. 3-6

Hello, Vienna...here comes Tricky Women 2005, the third edition of Europe’s first and only animation film festival devoted exclusively to female animators.

This year, audiences can expect four days packed with films -- 111 films, to be exact. The schedule this year once again offers up fresh ideas from the diverse world of animated entertainment -- from biting satire to odd cult films, experimental computer design to sophisticated plasticine animation.

The growing number and quality of the entries from more than 20 countries provide a variety of film animation in terms of content as well as technique, creating a stimulating forum for discussion.

In addition to the international program, Tricky Women 2005 also features a retrospective of work by Maria Lassnig, the “grande dame” of Austrian animated film, and lectures by Ruth Lingford (“Animating the Unconscious”), Gabriele Jutz (“Scratchy Women”) and Brigitte Vasicek (“meatspace – virtual reality job agency”).


“Pocedi Trymion/Heavy Pockets”
Sarah Cox, GB 2004
35mm, 5´58´´
A film about a girl who becomes immune to the effect of gravity.

Michèle Cournoyer, CA 2004
35mm, 6´13´´
A powerful and at times disquieting piece steeped in black humor.

“Der Küssdieb/The Kiss Thief”
Elena Madrid, CH 2004
Beta-SP, 5´50´´
A man without a mouth is in love with his neighbor. He decides to steal a mouth so that he can kiss her.

“SW-NÖ 04”
Barbara Musil, Karo Szmit, A 2004
DVD, 10´30´´
A walk through the village of Reinsberg in Lower Austria – frozen snapshots come to life after the introduction of a space/time axis.

“City Paradise”
Gaëlle Denis, GB 2004
Beta SP, 6´
When Tomoko arrives in London, she has no idea that she'll soon discover a mysterious secret hidden beneath the city.

“even odd even”
Barbara Doser, A 2004
Beta-SP, 7´30´´
You might not be able to believe your eyes. A film that reveals what seems to be hidden.

Adele Raczkövi, A 2004
Beta-SP, 1´20´´
A funny and macabre depiction of the struggle for existence.

“The Grass in the Strange World”
Kyeong-ah Kim, KP 2004
Mini DV, 11´02´´
The people living in a black star are tired of their boring and meaningless lives, and take a little trip...

“No Trespassing”
Alexandra Regel, Eva Grün, A 2003
Mini DV, 8´20´´
A woman’s shadow trespasses the limits she has set for it. Now she’s had enough and tries to get rid of it.

“Gone with the wind oder eine Ameise wie du und ich/
Gone with the wind or an ant like you and me”
Charlotte Wetzel, D 2004
35mm, 3´20´´
The exciting journey of an ant through the interior of a car, up to the roof, where it experiences the greatest -- and shortest -- moment of its life.

“Cage of Flame”
Kayla Parker, GB 1992
16 mm, 10´
A film based on the artist’s dreams.

“How Mermaids Breed”
Joan Ashworth, 2002
DVD, 10’
This film answers the question of how mermaids breed.

Leigh Hodgkinson, 2001
Beta SP, 6’
Jessica remembers time spent in a colorful world with her two imaginary friends.

“Three Ways To Go”
Sarah Cox, 1998
Beta SP, 6’
A trinity of dying: drawing, live action and stop-motion conspire to probe the mystery of the final moments.

Jenny Bowers, GB 1999
If your house was burning down and you could rescue one thing, what would it be?

Kunyi Chen, 1998
Beta SP, 2’25’’
Learning the word “rien”.

Shown/header image (top to bottom): "Cage of Flame," "The Kiss Thief," "even odd even"

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Rahlgasse, 1
1060 Vienna, Austria
Get info: +43 (0)1 990 46 63

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