"Arte Six": Quick Hits: LIFE: Change the Disc

Oi! Get that metrosexual out of my bathtub...

Hardly looking ‘metrosexual’, a ‘shocked and awed’, rumpled-around-the-edges LSSU Word Banishment selection committee recently emerged from its spider hole with their annual ‘List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness’.

This year’s winners for words we never want to hear again:

METROSEXUAL - An urban male who pays too much attention to his appearance.
Bob Forrest of Tempe, Arizona, says it "sounds like someone who only has sex on the subway."

SHOTS RANG OUT - "I'm tired of hearing this phrase on the news. Shots don't 'ring' unless you are standing too close to the muzzle, and in that case you don't need the reporter telling you about it."
- Michael Kinney, Rockville, Maryland

CAPTURED ALIVE - "The news keeps stating that Saddam Hussein was 'captured alive.' Well, what other way are you going to be captured? Maybe 'found dead' or 'discovered dead', but never 'captured dead.'"
- Bill Lodholz, Davis, California

HAND-CRAFTED LATTE – (See also: Metrosexual)

PLACE STAMP HERE - Dennis K. McDermott of Oneida, New York, says: "It appears on 99% of the return envelopes provided by creditors with monthly billings. It's especially annoying when enclosed in a rectangle drawn in the upper right corner. What if you miss? And then they inform you that the post office will not deliver without postage.

"Can we legitimately claim to be a superpower if we need to be reminded to put a stamp on an envelope?"

Read the full post in the March 2004 issue of "Arte Six".