ART/NYC/“The Infinite Fill Show”
Through August 19th

Don’t readjust the dial – it’s “The Infinite Fill Show,” a group exhibition of dazzling black and white patterns, co-curated by brother and sister team Cory and Jamie Arcangel.

The Arcangels sent out an open call to artists for found or made objects which had to adhere to two basic rules: they must be black and white, and they must contain repeating patterns.

The curatorial concept was inspired by MAC Paint, the 1984 software application with varied 16-bit monochrome patterning that could be picked and dropped into areas of the screen to denote color and depth. For Cory and Jamie Arcangel, this rudimentary precursor to Photoshop's draw and paint functions provides a creative tool to explore multiple perspectives within a unifying aesthetic.

Find it: Foxy Production
129 Bedford Avenue, #1
Brooklyn, NY
Get info: (718) 239-2758

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