Gamers Nite Groove
August 26

Spotlighting this month's Gamers Nite Groove (GNG), secret agent high jinks,
in new stealth-action game "Spy Fiction."

In the game you play as either super spy Billy Bishop or partner Shelia Crawford on a mission to stop a bio-terror conspiracy. The game requires you to use your wits in conjunction with the futuristic gadgetry only a super spy could love.

Along with the obligatory silenced pistol, a batch of more fun gear, like optical camouflage, including a special camera that helps you create off-the-cuff disguises based on the pictures you snap. Unlike most stealth games where you assume the same identity throughout your mission, "Spy Fiction" forces you to take on different costumes to solve puzzles and keep you hidden from the enemy.

Also this month: NIS America's beautiful new tactical RPG, "Phantom Brave,"
a stunning work of art similar to predecessors, "Disgaea" and "LaPucelle."

Also on the GNG screens will be Japan's original robotic pre-teen in all his aerial glory, featured in two new Astroboy games -- Sugoi!

Providing tunes for the night, GameBoy musician Bubblyfish. Instead of using the GameBoy for portable gaming, Bubblyfish has instead manipulated the famous Nintendo hand-held to produce some infectious electronic music. Playing alongside Bubblyfish, video art by motion graphics collective, Honeygun Labs.

About The Tank: The Tank is a midtown space for performing and visual arts, emphasizing new work by emerging performers, artists, directors, writers, and producers.

About New York-Tokyo (NYT): On a mission to provide exposure of techno-cool, eye-popping production from Japan to the general public in the U.S., New York-Tokyo taps into the vibe between New York and Tokyo. Best known for Anime Festival and Music Festival, NYT currently holds two monthly events : GNG (Gamers Nite Groove) and MDS (Monthly Director Series) and two annual festivals : Tokyo Robotics and eNerGy.

Find it: The Tank
432 W42nd St. (btw. 9th/10th Ave.)
The entrance to The Tank is through the courtyard - follow the signs.
Get info: (212) 563-6269

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