Select Media Festival 3”
Oct. 13-22

Attention, fans of politikino -- Select Media Festival 3 is waitin' on you.

This grassroots fest features the art of dissent on celluloid. Documentaries, short narratives, experimental works, animation, music videos, video installations, and short video programs…a whole lotta takes on culture, politics, and technology.

There you go. Bust out your best t-shirt and have a blast.

Now, we're all for semi-orderly dissent and the random poli-brawl. Entertaining. Particularly if there's popcorn involved. But, nota bene for any planning to get up a spontaneous flash mob to chant "Bullocks to Bush," "Kerry is an Asshat," (or v/v) "No to Nader," or "Arise, Comrade, Death to the Bourgeois Pigs": for the love of God, do it during intermission. Thank you.


"Cultural Counter Intelligence" (Shorts program)
Program includes "Deep Blue," "Society of the Spectacle," "Closer," "Drug War Reality Tour" and "30 Seconds of Hate."

Oct. 20
Unconstitutional is an hour-long documentary detailing the shocking way that the civil liberties of American citizens have been infringed upon, curtailed, and rolled back since 9/11 -- all in the name of national security. In the rush to pass the USA PATRIOT Act, intelligence agencies have been empowered to "protect freedom and democracy" by destroying freedom and democracy. Real stories depict the personal loss of American civil liberties and present citizens who are resisting those efforts

"Weapons of Mass Deception"
Oct. 21
There were two wars in Iraq: a military assault and a media war. The former was well covered; the latter was not. Independent filmmaker Danny Schechter turns the cameras on the deceptive role of the media in reporting on, and promoting, the invasion in Iraq. His latest film, "WMD" is an outspoken assessment on whether Pentagon propaganda and media complicity tried to sell war to the American people.

Shown: "Weapons of Mass Deception"

Find it: Gene Siskel Film Center
164 North State Street
Chicago, Illinois
Get info: (312) 846-2600

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