“Cute and Scary”
Through Dec. 18

Hoo, cute! But scary. But cute...but scary...

“Cute and Scary” showcases works by emerging artists raised within a milieu where comics and Japanese animation began to reveal the spooky side underneath the Hello Kitty exterior.

Artists include: Ciou, Aya Kakeda, Camille Rose Garcia and Saya Woolflak.

Shown above: Image from "The Sleepwalkers" series.
Artist: Camille Rose Garcia

Something in the work of these artists remains childlike, but a deeper look reveals a poignant dark side. An unsolved dichotomy. This ambiguity translates into works that come across as fun and disturbing, dark and light, cute and scary without really favoring one or the other, as pop culture and fluffy eroticism mingle with subterranean nightmare.

Shown above: "Suicide Princess," from the Ultraviolenceland series.
Artist: Camille Rose Garcia

Incidentally, Flux is planning their new latest trip down the scary brick road:

They’re looking for novelists who’d be willing to write in a Flux Factory art box for a whole month. Writer in a box. Now, that’s cute. But scary...

Shown/header image: Image from “Les Poupées de Ciou” series.
Artist: Ciou

Find it: Flux Factory
3838 43rd Street
Long Island City, NY
Get info: (718) 707-3362

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