“One must draw the line somewhere”
Through Dec. 11

“One must draw the line somewhere” is the fourth project of the international exchange program “Her und Hin/(Back and Forth),” a series of collaborations between artists working in Berlin and in various cities of Eastern Europe, including Skopje, Macedonia.

The exhibition connects Berlin to Skopje through “D,” a journal issued twice a year focusing on drawing as a practice and a medium, conceptualized and edited by artist Yane Calovski and co-published by Revolver.

In the accompanying exhibit at K&S, artists reference themes in science, media, film and art history as well as narrative strategies or personal histories in pen-and-ink drawings.

About the artists:

Aleksandar Stankovski (b.1959), one of the most influential artists living and working in Skopje, has created an impressive series of comic-book novels, consisting of four volumes (“Labris,” 1989-92, “Unidentified,” 1993-97, “Minorities of Reality,” 1998-2000; and “Fun,” 2000-present;) of over 600 pages each.

These volumes (edited and exhibited for the first time) trace the slow, yet persistent process of social disfiguration and political marginalization of the individual, drawing up parallel realities where worlds clash but do not collide.

Florian Zeyfang‘s (b.1965) installations incorporate drawing, animated film and the projected image.

Over the last fifteen years Goran Dachev (b.1970) has been focusing on the development of concepts for comics that articulate issues prevalent in the social context in which he lives and works. Influenced by Robert Crumb, his drawings address police brutality, homophobia and the social alienation of the youth with vigor and black humor.

The multi-lingual, text-based drawings of Ivanka Apostolova (1974) are autobiographical, anti-comic style narrations.

Sandra Boeschenstein’s (b.1967) highly detailed drawings at first glance suggest the technique of scientific sketches. However, in Boeschenstein’s case it’s not easy to identify the portrayed objects and figures, nor are the textlines she incorporates with the images articulating a logical explanation. Within parallel constellations, the artist proposes new alignments of objects vs. meaning.

Shown above/header image: Untitled, Aleksandar Stankovski

Find it: K&S Gallery
Linienstr. 156-157
10115 Berlin, DE
Get info: +030-283-8-5096

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