“Nothing Compared to This”
Through November 28th

Ours is an era in which big and loud are among our highest values, a time when the quiet joys of contemplation yield routinely to temporary excitement. Many artists today, however, work against the widespread idea that works of art must insist upon our attention or command the space they occupy.

For some, such a way of working is a kind of new humility, perhaps born of renewed interest in the ancient traditions of reflection and meditation. For other artists it is tactic of infiltration -- an insinuation rather than an insistence; a subliminal communication, in place of a shouted one.

This exhibition looks at the works of artists who occupy and control space by subtle, often indirect, means. The most salient distinction of today's art in this vein, however, is that it is often not meant to be contemplated, or even directly looked at. Ambient art is peripheral. It infuses space, as much as it occupies it.

Participating artists include: Ricci Albenda, Francis Cape, Martin Creed, Do Ho Suh, Brian Eno, Gaylen Gerber, Liam Gillick, Dominque Gonzalez-Foerster, Kara Hamilton, Vincent Mazeau, Jorge Pardo, Todd Pavlisko, Karin Sander, Tavares Strachan, Iran do Esp’rito Santo, Rikrit Tiranvanija, Andrea Zittel.

Shown: “Evil/Exit – Theater”, (2003)
Vincent Mazeau
Courtesy of the artist.

Find it: CAC
44 East Sixth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Get info: (513) 345-8400

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