eNerGy Anime Festival
Nov. 19-21

Dyslexic otakus of the world, untie! The weekend-long eNerGy Festival bash starts this Friday.

New York-Tokyo (NYT) monthly events -- Gamer's Night Groove (GNG) and Monthly Director's Series (MDS) -- bring the best in cutting edge games and music, and film/anime from Tokyo to NYC. eNerGy brings all of these ingredients together into a multi-media blend for three days in November.

eNerGy 2004: Check out premiere films you can’t see outside Tokyo, meet the animators creating the work, chow down on nifty Japanese snacks, and a shot at all kinds of weird and wonderful free gifts, including round trip tickets to Tokyo. Well, hey.


Video Game Content/Friday, Nov. 19

Session 1: Gamers Night Groove
Friday, 8pm
• Video game highlights from 2004
• Live chiptune music

The serene lower courtyard of Tribeca's Performing Arts Center (PAC) is the place to be for Friday night's opening bash; officially the first session of eNerGy festival, and the one-year anniversary of their monthly GNG event, the session includes special surprises from BANDAI, a performance by 8-bit button mashing Gameboy musicians, Nullsleep, and a funk-fuelled booty-shaking DJ set by Jesse Mann.

eNerGy Festival kicks off with NYT’s Advanced Interactive Nightlife. Enjoy console gaming at it's best on crystal clear flat-screens. With plenty of controllers to go around, it's time to play, compete, or just chill out and people-watch, grooving to live chiptune music performances.

Anime Content/Saturday, Nov. 20 and Sunday, Nov. 21

Session 2: Saturday Morning Anime
Saturday 11am - 4pm
• Breakfast + screenings
• Screening: Three premieres

Session 3: Anime Giants
Saturday 5pm - 10pm
• Meet the Creators: discussion panel
• Screenings: Three full-length film premieres

Session 4: What’s on TV?
Sunday 11am - 4pm
• Inside the Industry: discussion panel
• Screenings: 12 TV serial premieres

Session 5: Anime/Live Action
Sunday 5pm - 10pm
• Special Guest Appearance
• Anime Screenings: Two full-length film premieres

Two full days of the best Japanese anime from 2004. All films being screened at eNerGy are premiere screenings, so you’ll be the first to experience some of this year's freshest and most highly acclaimed work, straight from Japan.

It's also a rare chance to meet the animation experts and talent behind the films, in discussion sessions immediately following the screenings.

Lastly, in the exhibitor's pavilion, three days of sampling even more fresh anime from the best production studios, including new serial work now only available in Japan.

Exclusive Exhibitor Content/All weekend: Friday 8pm – Sunday 5pm

New Work from Japan
• Asatsu Dk
• Gonzo
• Studio Pierrot
• Toei Animation

If you haven't already checked out work by the animation wizards at Toei Animation (“Dragon Ball”), Aniplex (“Blood the Last Vampire”) and Asatsu DK, then don't miss this chance to see what’s coming up.

Find it: Tribeca Performing Arts Center (PAC)
199 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007
Get info: (212) 220-1460

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