ART/NYC“Women on the Verge”
Through March 12th

In “Women on the Verge,” artists examine the darker side of human emotion with wit, introspection, and verve. The artists utilize a wide array of media and techniques to explore the tension between the organic and the artificial chaos of our world.

The exhibition features the work of nine international women artists: Maggie Cardelus, Jennifer Coates, Kim Fisher, Servane Hottinger, Elizabeth Huey, Lori Nix, Mary Redmond, Eva Rothschild, and Clare Woods.

Clare Woods, Jennifer Coates and Eva Rothschild examine our fear of the unknown using semi-abstract imagery.

Shown above: “Cerebral Emergency” (2004)
Acrylic and oil on wood panel
96 x 48 ins.
Elizabeth Huey

Maggie Cardelus uses photo cut-outs and paper to create massive wall hangings which draw upon her associations of memory and family. Her labor-intensive sculptures are remarkable constructions; conceptually and aesthetically they draw the viewer with their organic edgy intimacy. Cardelus lives and works in Italy and has been widely exhibited in Europe.

Kim Fisher and Mary Redmond employ an abstract aesthetic with a contemporary sensibility to create innovative works of art. Fisher creates paintings which have a unique sculptural quality. Redmond manipulates found objects to the brink of fragility, fashioning a dark, absurdist aesthetic using fabric, metal, and wood. Redmond lives and works in Glasgow. Her work is currently included in an exhibition the ICA, Palm Beach, Fl.

Shown above: “Junkyard” (2003)
Chromogenic print
48 x 80 ins.
Lori Nix

Elizabeth Huey and Servane Hottinger utilize the human figure in their paintings to explore the darker side of human emotions, while Lori Nix subverts our expectations of seeing by photographing minutely constructed dioramas, which have an eerie, otherworldly quality.

Using humor and pathos with equal aplomb, the nine artists featured in Women on the Verge toy with the tension between the real and the imagined with remarkable ingenuity and skill.

Shown/Header image: “Chain Garden” (2000)
Enamel on MDF
72 x 50 x 2 ins.
Clare Woods

Find it: Alona Kagan Gallery
540 West 29th St.
New York, NY 10001
Get info: (212) 560-0670

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