"Arte Six": Quick Hits: DANCE: "Tricodex"

April 22—24, 7:30pm
"Tricodex" is the concluding chapter in a trilogy of works by French choreographer Philippe Decouflé. Initial work "Codex" was created in 1987, with "Decodex", following in 1995.

The trine of modern dance productions were all inspired by "Codex Seraphinianus", an absurdist encyclopedia designed by Italian naturalist and artist Luigi Serafini.

"Codex Seraphinianus", Serafini's peculiar 400-page masterpiece features illustrations, charts, and descriptions depicting an imaginary world of unearthly creatures and plants, invented formulae, card games, flying contraptions, labyrinths and fantastical machines, all described in lavish but nearly indecipherable scipt.

[VISUAL: Detail, "Codex Seraphinianus"]

The "Codex Seraphinianus" evokes topics ranging from gardening, anatomy, mathematics, and geometry to hairstyles, card games, flying contraptions, and labyrinths.

The "Codex" has inspired and fascinated Decouflé throughout his career, culminating in "Tricodex", an otherworldly and mystical performance combining dance, mime, acrobatics, video, and film, featuring 30 dancers and more than 150 costumes.

The surreal and mesmerizing production pays tribute to the mystical and unpredictable workings of the human imagination.
Find it:
BAM - Brooklyn Academy of Music
Howard Gilman Opera House
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Get info:(718) 636-4100

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