DANCE:NYC: "The Impersonation of Mr. Peacock"

June 16–19, 7pm

Nancy McCaleb presents two new works, performed by her powerful and stunning company of six.

“The Impersonation of Mr. Peacock” takes its inspiration from visual artist/collaborator Francis Alÿs who is known for his ‘paseos’ through cities that chart the terrain of urban life. “The Impersonation of Mr. Peacock” is an engaging meditation on the dynamics of day-to-day public interactions.

The work explores chance meetings, fleeting encounters, and unexpected turns of events, creating a poignant look at human interaction within a transient landscape.

Also on the program will be “Verdigris” (2001), a work inspired by Symbolist painters and poets whose exotic dreamscapes were often spurred by absinthe and its psychotropic effects.

“Verdigris” is a high-powered work marked by moments of lush physicality. On stage, real time and dream time merge into one.

About the artist: Nancy McCaleb trained with Betty Jones and other veterans of the Jose Limón Company in NYC. Her first professional performances were with Simone Forti in Paris. She founded McCaleb Dance in 1997 after a decade as choreographer, dancer, and artistic director of Isaacs/McCaleb & Dancers.

Find it: DTW - Dance Theater Workshop
219 West 19th Street
New York NY, 10011
Get info: (212) 924-0077

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