"Arte Six - May 2004": Quick Hits: ART: "L.A. Woman"

"L.A. Woman"
Through May 23rd
Gallery C presents “L.A. Woman”, a selection of works by contemporary artists and “visual thinkers” Jill Giegerich, Becky Guttin, Lisa Adams, Kim McCarty and Meg Cranston.

Among the most interesting works is Meg Cranston's “Magical Death”, a life-sized piñata of a woman, using painted papier-mâché. Like quilting, papier-mâché is generally relegated to the category of ‘craft’, rather than art – materials are used in a utilitarian way, and linked to social interaction between women.

The piñata is usually filled with gifts, which can only be accessed by participants, after the piñata is broken.

Sculptor Becky Guttin takes a different route to commenting on human experience, by using
industrial waste materials to create new works. The materials no longer have value, in one sense, but they’re vital as material used to capture an artist’s vision.

Her work explores the cultural and spiritual value in tools that have been abandoned, but are now newly formed, asking us to see beauty in common or ‘valueless’ materials.

Kim McCarty explores the visual representation of longing, in a series of watercolors, while Lisa Adams comments on trends in politics and pop culture, creating iconic modern signifiers to represent contemporary myths.
Find it: Gallery C
1225 Hermosa Beach Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Get info: (310) 798-0102

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