“Perpetual Canon”
Through Jan. 5

The Württembergische Kunstverein will be the first institution to present a solo show of Cornelia Parker's work in Germany, “Perpetual Canon.”

Parker's art work includes installations, sculptures, objects, slide-projections and photography.

She creates conceptual art with a specific aesthetic appeal -- her works are tinged with ironic humor, and display a critical understanding of the quicksilver quality of perception and representation.

Some of her best-known works are "Thirty Pieces of Silver" (1988/89), an installation of steamrollered silver ware and musical instruments suspended from the ceiling and "Shared Fate" (1998) -- a piece consisting of different objects that were exposed to the same fate, having been decapitated by the same guillotine as Marie Antoinette.

Lastly, there is "Cold Dark Matter" (2002), a space installation consisting of the remains of a Baptist church that was struck by lighting.

“So you're in between the shadow and the work, so you're almost inside the piece,” Parker has said of this work. “In a way the shadows are almost as a much a part of the piece as the physical objects that are creating the shadows; but your shadow gets incorporated into those on the wall, so it's almost like standing inside a still explosion.”

Parker’s work has been exhibited in numerous international institutions, including the Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Turin (2001).

Shown/header image: "Cold Dark Matter",(2002)
Cornelia Parker

Find it: Wurttembergische Kunstverein
Schlossplatz, 2
Stuttgart (DE)
Get info: 0711-22-33-70

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