THEATRE/San Francisco
“Come Fly With Me Nude”
Dec. 10, 11, 15-18

“Come Fly With Me Nude” is the story of mutual muses Dom Casual and Bella Hagen, two performers on the Stage of Life who passionately believe that the importance of their art far outweighs their limitations as artists...

SFF Fringers Diane Karagienakos (Bella Hagen) and Todd Pickering (Dom Casual) deliver a comical, merciless send-up of self-obsessed artistes; they play two performance artists obsessed with the minutiae of their failures and successes.

Their overwrought letters to each other detail their progress, as they’re swept up into a "tsunami of Byronian Ferlinghettis."

In the end, they stumble into a cult following in spite of themselves and are left to ponder the ultimate hideous sacrifice -- developing a mainstream TV show with a Hollywood producer.

Inspired by Ann Margaret, “The Exorcist,” Queen and The Ice Capades, they interpret the poignant stories of their childhoods, and how their meeting in San Francisco changed their lives -- and, quite probably, the future of art -- forever. Trivia: The performance piece is based on a series of mock letters Pickering and Karagienakos wrote to amuse each other, after their meeting in Northern California in the early 90s.

Find it: EXIT Theatre
156 Eddy St. (at Mason)
San Francisco, CA
Get info: (415) 956-1737

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