Through March 6th

IBID Projects presents Milena Dragicevic’s second solo show. The “Falsifikacija/Falsification” exhibit is a complex visual and psychological riddle, illustrating the mysterious process of creative thought in a tangible form.

The human figures depicted are not portraits of specific people, but actors absorbed in introspective but active anticipation of some magical event of their own creation; their gaze is withdrawn and secretive, yet the same gaze captures the viewer and draws them into the ritual of creative reflection, directed outward and inward simultaneously.

Shown above: "Falsifikacija #2," (2005)
Oil on linen
152,5 x 137 cm/60 x 54 inches
Milena Dragicevic

In this new series of paintings, the artist constructs a paradoxical world which is inaccessible yet within reach; concealing, yet full of revelations; dynamic and still, abstract and figurative, both contemporary and intentionally anachronistic.

The paintings accentuate moments of transformation -- the viewer’s gaze activates and ‘unlocks’ the artwork, while the border between the representational realm and the spectator’s reality collapses.

Shown above: "Foma," (2005)
Oil on linen
97 x 71 cm/38 x 28 inches
Milena Dragicevic

Is art merely falsification of reality? Is it a more subtle, but genuine reflection of reality? Or is art actually reality itself, as individual thought forever alters our perception of the world? These are some of the thoughtful questions Dragicevic raises for discussion, in “Falsifikacija/Falsification.”

The notion of ‘falsification’ belongs most comfortably to the discourses of theology and philosophy of science, yet Dragicevic’s paintings suggest that it is particularly relevant to the opaque powers of art -- acts of representation and naming, the seduction of images and doubt about the singularity of truth.

Artist bio: Milena Dragicevic lives and works in London. She has recently exhibited in Martin Janda Gallery, Vienna, I-20 Gallery, New York, Man in the Holocene, London and The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists in Vrsac. Her work is represented in Arts Council of England Collection, London and MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Los Angeles as well as numerous private collections in Europe and the United States.

Gallery hours: Thur-Sun 12-6pm or by appt.

Shown/Header image: "There is no gardener, and he is invisible," (2005)
Oil on linen
214 x 183 cm/84 x 72 inches
Milena Dragicevic

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