"Movin' Macbeth"
July 9-18

Something wicked this way comes...it's Amanda Barron, who plays the juicy Lady Macbeth role as a blend of Norma Desmond meets Martha Graham. The three witches skulk down the aisles casting spells on the audience -- with flags.

It's not quite ballet. And it's not quite theatre. And it's not quite Shakespeare. But who cares, because this is one of the most colorful, weirdest takes on "the Scottish play" you'll see this season.

Shakespeare's shortest play and an apple are all it takes to get things rolling in e/Motion's theatre and dance adaptation of Shakespeare's gory classic. Bloody good.

Find it: HERE Arts Center
145 6th Ave.(Btwn Spring/Broome St.)
New York, NY 10013
Get info: (212) 647-0202

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