American Cinematheque Annual Festival
of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction
August 5-29

American Cinematheque's 5th annual festival of the sinister and ooky is on, featuring new films, "The Toolbox Murders," "Malefique" and "The Card Player."

There are also a few from the vault: "The House of Usher/Tomb of Ligeia," 70s Brit shockeroo, "Death Line," and the "The Stone Tape," a ghost story on celluloid,
which -- strangely in sync with the subject matter -- mysteriously vanished many years ago. On a dark and stormy night...

Well, actually, we don't know that for sure. Anyway, it's re-appeared just in time to make its L.A. premiere. Timing so fab, it's spooky.

Moving on, here are some guests who are planning to show up in the flesh: directors Eric Valette ("Malefique") and Vincenzo Natali ("Nothing").

[Shown: "The Card Player"]

Find it: The Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard (btwn Las Palmas and McCadden), Hollywood, CA
Get info: [auto.] (323) 466-3456, [live] (323) 461-2020