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This month, breakup music for broken hearts...

Recent break-up? Go ahead and wallow.

Suitably tinged with is-it-just-me-or-has-the-world-ended gloom, and ready for incessant replay, these albums deliver poetic and cathartic lyrics that let you get the max benefit out of cheap vino and late night stuff-tossing sessions. Slam the door, kill the phone, get your groove on and play that sucker out.

And cheer up -- sure, right now you're seeing the whole world through black-tinted glasses, but look on the bright side: can't make your pookie love you, but at least you can listen to songs about how no one else can either:

MONICA SCHROEDER: The Expectation of Home
Suavely melancholic songs like "You Don't Move Me" that make you feel good about feeling bad. Or feel bad about feeling good, depending where you're at.

Album delves into love and loss, and the life lesson of remembering without looking back. Schroeder has played at SXSW, and shared the stage with Jane Siberry and the Cowboy Junkies. Related: New album is "Orbit".

CLAIRVOYANTS: Your New Boundaries
With undeniably compelling emotive power, understating the dark, complex shades of narrative that follow, the overall sound is somber and lulling, pensively emotional and haunting.

NOVEMBER FACTORY: Perfect Time of Year
An introspective, inspirational, alternative pop sound (Counting Crows/Dave Matthews) that delves deep.

BELA: 'Til Summer Ends
Surf-goth: "Shades of notable Belas (both Lugosi and Bartok) color this band's eerie lushly orchestral melancholy pop" - CMJ

Fuses drum loops and tight acoustic guitars with pulsing bass lines to deliver songs that make you both forget and remember at the same time.

LESLIE NUSS: Action Hero Superstar
Cerebral, darkly beautiful record with full, lush production and songs about love, loss, joy and pain.

Soft dreamy folk pop with evocative soundscapes and haunting stories offered in an unforgettable and uniquely authentic tone.

SANFORD ARMS: Too Loud for the Snowman
Dreamy pop with a slight twang. For fans of Sparklehorse, Wilco, and Califone.

Dreamy, female fronted, ethereal indie rock with hints of folk and shoegaze; the passionate side of Mazzy Star meets the mellow side Coldplay.

[Shown: "Too Loud for the Snowman"]

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